EQUESTGUM® wash tiles are an elastic rubber tiles which are specially developed for the requirements of the horse washer. It can be successfully used in the horse washer because of its low side ergonomics. Wash tiles are available in several levels of thickness to be able to adapt to all needs. Rubber boards can be fastened with special pins. Because of special design on the bottom, the EQUESTGUM® Wash tiles and its drainage system can quickly transport urine between the large ribs. The non-slip surface provides the highest level of safety, even when wet. Elastic and non-slip rubber allows your horse to move comfortably. Our solution with grid lines on its surface has an additional feature to being pleasing in appearance and breaking the monotony of large floor surfaces, the grid lines on the surface of Wash tile F-G rubber tiles are intended to improve the already available slip resistance. For washer walls we can offer two elastic rubber tiles, first with dimensions of 150 x 20 cm and a thickness of 2,5 cm, Wash wall deck perfectly performs the task of protecting the horse from injuries in the horse washer. It has an interesting design of a ship deck, providing a feeling of luxury and, at the same time, a fully functioning rubber wall like the other rubber tiles in the EQUESTGUM® family. With optimal length, it covers the wall surface and protects the animal from possible shocks against the wall. Thanks to its width of 20 cm, it would be easy to carry out segmental replacement in case of damage. The second elastic rubber tile has the dimensions of 100 x 100 x 2 cm. Because of its dimensions, the wall of the horse washer can be easily covered and recovered. Wash wall tile, as a covering for walls of the horse washer, protects the wall from water, urine or any other damage, but in the first place protects the horse from possible injuries in the horse washer. This elastic rubber wall cover can be easily maintained. Like all EQUESTGUM® products, in addition to its original purpose of protecting the horse from physical injury, Wash tiles have the major role of thermal insulation and thus plays an important part in preserving the health of the horse.


Wash tile FV

Thickness: 4,5 cm

Wash tile FV-G

Thickness: 4,5 cm

Wash wall deck

Thickness: 2,5 cm

Wash wall tile L

Thickness: 2,0 cm