EQUESTGUM® stable tiles are multi-purpose elastic rubber tiles which are specially developed for the requirements of horse stables. Rubber boards can be fastened with special pins. EQUESTGUM® stable tile offers the perfect solution for safety, softness and holding the hoof to the substrate. Beside extreme softness, this elastic rubber tile provides thermal and sound insulation. We have a solution with grid lines on its surface. In addition to being pleasing in appearance and breaking the monotony of large floor surfaces, the grid lines on the surface of Stable tile F-G rubber tiles are intended to improve the already available slip resistance. We have two solutions for stable stable floor covering. Stable tile X has a more classic design for horse stables and pathways. Perhaps the classical form gives it a special charm. Our solution for this type of surface has the dimensions of 110 x 110 cm, which enables rapid installation and greater compactness of the surface. The Stable deck tile with interesting design of a ship deck, gives us a feeling of luxury and at the same time it is a fully functioning rubber floor, similarly to other rubber tiles in the EQUESTGUM® family. With dimensions of 150 x 20 cm and a thickness of 4 cm, the Stable deck tile perfectly performs the task of protecting the horse from injuries in the stable. In case of segmental damage, there is no need to fully recover the entire floor of the stable. With a thickness of 4 cm and its elasticity, it absorbs all possible shocks that may occur.


Stable tile F

Thickness: 4,0 cm

Stable tile F-G

Thickness: 4,0 cm

Stable tile X

Thickness: 3,0 cm

Stable deck

Thickness: 4,0 cm