Positive effect of the rubber tiles in horse keeping


In today’s world in the field of horse keeping the costs, the time, the use of better and more streamlined materials has become a major concern.

Based on comparative tests with various materials these elastic rubber tiles have been recommended in stables.


Working hours for box maintenance

Influence on health

Joint use of rubber tiles and bedding material in experiment, there was no evidence of any negative influence on climate and hygiene of the stables.

  • very low concentration of ammonia (below 10 ppm)
  • particulate matter lower than the critical value of 4 mg/m³
  • by using of rubber tiles tend to lower germs pollution

Source: Prof. Dr. Barbara Benz, B.sc Benjamin Benitz, Prof. Dr. Konstanze Krüger and Prof. Dr. Dirk Winter: Weniger Einstreu bei gleichem Komfort. In: Pferde Zucht & Haltung 1/2013